Wednesday, January 16, 2008

didn't know it would be like this

i promise i haven't been lazy. i know it's been over 2 weeks since i posted and no one is probably checking anymore, but settling into this new season in life has been extremely demanding so far. i am taking 5 classes this semester and one of them is going to be the hardest class i'll take in college. not because the stuff we are doing is hard, it is just so time consuming. of course, being a historian is time consuming so one should expect learning to be a historian should also be time consuming i guess. i am sitting in the library right now (it is 10:30pm folks) and i have to do a preliminary bibliography for my research topic this semester. the problem is that i keep changing my topic. i am focusing on yellow journalism (primarily william randolph hearst) and it's effect on public policy... especially as it relates to america going to war in 1898 (the spanish-american war or the war for cuba's independence). this might be too narrow of a topic to take me out to 20 pages so i am also looking for ways to expand it.

i am also in a biographies class where we are reading 8 books this semester (some as long as 600 pages).

also, history of Christian thought will keep me reading quite a bit as well since i'll be doing a 15 page research paper on... something i guess.

mysticism shouldn't kill me. just some tests and a group powerpoint presentation.

religion as culture will be good and challenging but not as difficult as the two history classes.

all in all, i've got a busy semester ahead of me. if you read this regularly, you're going to hear about hearst, early church history, mystical experiences, and other religions for the next few months. it's going to be a bumpy ride and i'm going to sleep for a week when this semester is over.


ylmurph said...

if you don't write another post I'll box your ears

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