Saturday, December 15, 2007

S. A. T. U. R. D. A. Y. NIGHT!!

everybody's working for the weekend. it's true. we work hard all week knowing that the weekend will come when we can sleep in, catch up, relax, whatever. it's the motivation to go to work on wednesday... you know you are going to be closer to the weekend at the end of the day. i live like this as well.

i heard some one talking about sabbath one time that changed my whole outlook on it. our lives are not meant to be lived out of a desire to get to rest. we are to live out of our rest. that last day of the week isn't an opportunity to crash from the hard work, it's a chance to replenish so that we can keep working hard. we work out of our rest, we don't rest from our work. our work is never done... it's just something we must realize. we were created with purpose (to quote rick warren), purpose entails a job to to which leads us to believe we were created to work. we were not created to strive towards rest but to rest with the intent of being able to work harder and be more "productive" (this doesn't necessarily mean putting out more widgets, it just means that whatever we are called to do, rest lets us do it better).

so i encourage all of us (myself especially since i tend towards laziness), whenever you sabbath (saturday, sunday, tuesday, etc.) to rest hard. be intentional about your rest. it is not a chance to crash, but an opportunity to put yourself in a position to have more of an impact.

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