Saturday, December 22, 2007


i am far from a perfectionist. any of you who know me and read this (does anyone read this??? ) know that this is true. however, i have discovered that once i get going, if it is possible to do something perfectly, i do become a bit of a fanatic about it until it is no longer perfect.

one example is cleaning. i never had the cleanest room growing up. my room mates in college know i was not the cleanest room mate (i was also not the dirtiest thank you very much). my wife has gotten frustrated with me throughout our marriage because i can just step over something on the floor and honestly not notice it. the flip side of this is that when i start to clean (and this is something that was true when i was younger and i've recently experienced about myself again), i want it to be perfect. so i will go and go until it is. once it is "perfect" (or at least my interpretation of perfection), i am a bit fanatical about keeping it that way. that is until my idea of perfection is tainted (like kristy leaving her clothes on the floor in the bathroom or me letting the dishes go a little too long). once this happens i lose all motivation to keep the perfection going.

would this qualify me as a lazy perfectionist? or a perfectionist without hope?

i am packing up my office at the church and i want to do it exactly right. not just to leave it excellent for whoever is next, but to make it easier to move the stuff into storage or home. one of kristy's favorite games is tetris. packing is very similar in that i get all these different size boxes and miscellaneous things and have to make them fit just right. we are going out to the storage unit today to re-organize it. this is dangerous because i could spend a week doing it. i don't have a week though so i'm gonna have to be okay with it once we are done, but also keep the motivation up for keeping it as organized as we can. my idea of perfection may not be possible, but that is no reason not to strive for great (not perfect, but excellent).

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