Wednesday, December 12, 2007


so, apparently you have to have all of your immunizations to attend a public university. i was definitely under the impression that i'd had all of them growing up, so when i was not allowed to register i got pretty frustrated. i sent them my immunization card and they said i was missing the second shot for measles/mumps/and rubella. after calling every school i ever attended and the office of my old pediatrician, it was revealed that i actually had never gotten the 2nd shot. so i walked into a clinic today and got a shot in the back of my arm. apparently i was in danger of developing rubella at any moment.

now what i'm about to talk about i hope you understand is with full belief in immunizations (especially those that have completely revolutionized the world, like polio, small pox, etc.). is it so bad to get sick every now and then? by taking away any and every contact we would have with germs (and the people who carry them), we actually open ourselves up more to be sick. some germs in our system is a good thing. it helps to develop antibodies that can kick in when we are really sick. although, ultimately, when we care about our own well being so much that we forget to live life, we miss out on the whole point of being well. i worry about the people who are so afraid of germs that they actually will shut people out of their lives.

Jesus touched the lepers.

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