Friday, December 7, 2007


i wrote a little bit about pilgrimages a few days ago. i wonder what is would have been like to come home after a journey like that. leaving family, profession, friends for months or years to journey across the world must have required a deep commitment. i can sort of understand the commitment it would take to leave (at least i hope i can understand that and would be willing to live it if God called me to), but what would it be like to come home from that? would it still be home?

our journeys are not like that today. as i said before, it is so much easier to go somewhere. we schedule a flight, rent a car, get our oil changed and fill the tank and go. journeys that would take months or years can be done in hours and days now. the commitment is not as deep. i think that makes the homecoming easier. but is that a good thing? does that lead us more and more into a "comfortable" life?

i know that i have times where my biggest concern is comfort. i feel that i have been slipping into that within the past few years and, because of that, God continues to lead me into places that will break me of that. calling me to leave the comfort of salary and insurance and home ownership to a place of dependence on Him and others is breaking me of that. more and more i see comfort as the enemy.

my wife comes home today and for that, i am happy.

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