Friday, December 14, 2007


bob dylan, in his much aligned "Christian" phase (which might not have been a phase at all)
wrote a song that said "You're gonna have to serve somebody". "It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody."

we all are under some sort of authority. whether it be government, employer, parents, teachers, credit collection agencies, pastor, priest, etc. we put ourselves under certain authorities. i believe that... we put ourselves under authority. whatever or whoever is over us is there by our choice. i know it sort of sounds weird because many of us like to play the martyr and view life in a way that it just comes at us, but we really do choose.

now comes one of the more important questions in life... what authority should we trust enough to place ourselves under?

God? how do we know if we really have done that? what does that look like?

the Bible? whose interpretation? aren't we really putting ourselves under that person's interpretation of the bible?

the church? which one? there are many similarities among Christian churches (i am staying within Christianity, but the question could go into all faiths... i have just chosen to place myself under the authority of Christianity because i believe that is the most trustworthy) but there are differences and a myriad of claims by each one.

do we just "trust ourselves" as in "the bible, Jesus, and me" approach?

i fully trust that there is a God, it is the God of the bible, He desires a relationship with us, and He honors us humbly searching for Him. it's just so hard to know who or what to trust when trying to follow God. there is so much division within Christianity... who has it right?

just something i'm thinking and praying about.

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