Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the fam damily

So I really want to be regular in this whole "blog" thing, but I went out of town for Thanksgiving and just got back into the office (yes, the one I'll be leaving in a few weeks).

My wife and I drove from Jacksonville to Cincinnati to spend the weekend (like 4 days really) with my family. Her parents moved to Durango, CO (and go to church here) 2 years ago, so we don't get to see them as much. On Wednesday, we packed up and left for Cincy (home of the Bengals!!). This year we decided to stay in a hotel instead of staying with my parents or my sister. What a great choice!! To have that small sanctuary at night made the whole difference. Not that I don't love being with my family, it's just that when you try to put a whole year of not seeing each other into 4 days, it can get overwhelming and to be able to go somewhere else at night and rest really does make the time with each other better.

It got me to thinking about Sabbath. It's one of the commandments to remember the Sabbath and make it holy. But why? Mark Driscoll did a great sermon on the Sabbath not too long ago that you should check out. The point was that we were created to be able to work harder and better when we take regular rest. I have started to call this (and I'm sure I stole this from somewhere) "Work Hard, Rest Hard". If you work too hard, you are a workaholic and will burn out (and burn out those around you). If you rest too hard, you are lazy and you disappoint the people who count on you. It's the combination and the balance of the two that allow us to do the most, with the best results. Being able to leave my family at night and rest allowed my wife and I to be more "present" when with them during the day and evenings. It made for a great trip, and I hope the more I learn this lesson it can translate into a better life.

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